Wood Fibre Insulation
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Building Physics

Life Panels brings you premium quality systems for walls, roofs and floors manufactured from responsibly sourced wood fibre to meet Australia’s rapidly growing demand for:

✓  Thermal insulation
✓  Vapour permeable

✓  Non-toxic building materials
✓  Fast and easy installation
✓  Engineered in Europe



Step by step instruction on how to build your house in the best way.
Roof Pitched 
1. Rafters or Trusses 
2. 60mm Rigid Wood Fibre  
3. Fascia 
4. Blocks / Pond Board 
5. Vapour Permeable Membrane  
6. 90 x 45 Vertical timber Batten stopped short 
7. 90 x 45 Horizontal batten / Steel top hat  
8. Roof sheet (Variable roof finish) 
9. 2mm Stainless Steel Mesh for Ventilation
10. Vented Ridge / Vented skillion with 2mm Stainless Steel Mesh
Inside Layers 

11. 90mm Bulk infill between rafters
12. OSB 3 or 4 Layer – continuous
13. Counter Batten / Service Void
Internal Ceiling Lining 


Rafters or Trusses 


60mm Rigid Wood Fibre 




Blocks / Pond Board 


Vapour Permeable Membrane 


90 x 45 Vertical timber Batten stopped short


90 x 45 Horizontal batten / Steel top hat


Roof sheet (Variable roof finish)


2mm Stainless Steel Mesh for Ventilation


Vented Ridge / Vented skillion with 2mm Stainless Steel Mesh


90mm Bulk infill between rafters 


OSB 3 or 4 Layer - continuous (Airtight Tape on Joints) 


Counter Batten / Service Void 


Internal Ceiling Lining 

cost options

There are 3 accessible options to use Wood Fibre

Australian Standard Home

Complete wall structure
with common insulation materials.

$450K +
Based on 250m2
Standard Build

Performance: 2 to 3 hours for heat to pass through building envelope

Efficiency: Must have A/C, heating, vented facade, maintenance and replacements costs necessary. 

Fully Wrapped Home

Bulk Infill + Rigid Panels

High performance home and optimum solution for certified Passive House.

Extra on Standard
Build Cost

Performance: 8 to 10 hours for heat to pass through building envelope

Efficiency: No A/C, Saves Energy, Doesn’t require maintenance. Designed ventilation

Roof Only

Bulk Infill + Rigid Panels

Increased thermal performance in weakest

Extra on Standard
Build Cost

Performance: 8 hours for heat to pass through roof. 2 hours  for heat to pass through roof walls

Efficiency: Still needs A/C, walls will overheat, possible moisture problems with walls. Designed ventilation

Wood Fibre Infill

Bulk Infill only

Complete wall structure with breathable wood fibre bulk infill insulation.

Extra on Standard
Build Cost

Performance: 4 hours for heat to pass through building envelope

Efficiency: Still needs vented facade and A/C, possible moisture problems. Designed ventilation


Here are some tips on what to think about.

For rendered finish – 1 washer and screw – through the board straight into the frame.

No! The sheets are engineered with a unique rounded tongue and groove to locate sheets together. However for low pitched roofs you may need to seal the joints.

60mm thick rigid board achieves R1.5 to R2.

90mm thick Bulk Infill achieves R2.55.

When these two products are used together as a system you can achieve up to R4.5 as a minimum.

60mm thick Rigid Panel x 1460mm long x 730mm height (1.11sqm per board)

90mm Bulk Infill – either 415mm or 575mm by 1220mm.

*Bulk Infill is available for 450mm centre studs or 600mm centre studs.

You will need 6 fixings /m2 

As an average for 1 skilled carpenter, approx 45m2 / day

Yes! As a vapour permeable material, wood fibre together with good building design allows moisture to move through the building envelope without getting trapped.


We partner with the best companies in the business

Certified Passive House Designer / Consultant

In addition to supplying highly efficient materials, we are certified to provide assistance with your next passive house project.

Swiss Engineered since 1932

PAVATEX has specialised in the manufacture of high-quality Wood Fibre insulation systems for the building envelope. Over 80 years of experience and innovation make PAVATEX the leading supplier worldwide.

Engineered by Nature

STEICO offers its customers ecological construction products from renewable raw materials and has been able to position itself in its thirty-year history as a system provider for ecological house building and innovation drivers.

On-site Delivery Service

Operating since 1978, Mainfreight is built on a 100-year vision, a view that shapes their approach to customer and supplier relationships––providing our customers with a full freight service, direct to your site Australia-wide.

Render System Specialists

CorkSpray Australia are time served render specialists. Offering a warranted lime render system to use with wood fibre with support from the Italian manufacturer Diasen.

guides & Education

Want to learn more about our products and how to use them?
Here is a selection of articles to get you started.

What people say about us

Andrew HawkinsAndrew Hawkins
03:29 12 Oct 22
Very interesting and seeing the level of building science behind it was great.Finding a way to take this down to the right level will give me a challenge.Well done James.
Darren HarrisDarren Harris
03:27 12 Oct 22
10 years in thermal energy performance and still learning.
Jess KismetJess Kismet
03:26 12 Oct 22
Articulate and informative presentation, thank you
John HabraskaJohn Habraska
05:13 29 Sep 22
This product is absolutely fantastic. Professional team, a pleasant experience. Thanks guys!
Sanjot SekhonSanjot Sekhon
09:05 01 Sep 22
Most informative… curious to explore panels in a retrofit of a flat roof home with little insulation.
02:18 26 Jul 21
Life Panels has shown me an alternative to an issue in building ecology that I thought would have been unanswered for a long time yet. Toxin free, vapour permeable, insulative, carbon negative and it even offers some thermal mass. I'm grateful to know that something like this is available.
Ant LofterAnt Lofter
08:12 01 Jul 21
Never felt more supported by a supplier in a construction project. The knowledge and professionalism are off the chart! Not to mention we all need to be using wood fibre. Highly recommended.
Bobak ZamaniBobak Zamani
09:14 30 Jun 21
Thanks James for the presentation at ASBN. It was great to see the list of key factors of building physics and hear your experience on which one is more complex .
James, director of life panels. is a man with a vision to change the building industry in Australia. His passion, customer service, woodfibre product knowledge and his knowledge on building materials performance in general, and how these materials interact with each other, puts him in a position of authority to advice customers how to build healthy, durable high performance homes.

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