Here are some tips on what to think about.

For rendered finish – 1 washer and screw – through the board straight into the frame.

No! The sheets are engineered with a unique rounded tongue and groove to locate sheets together. However for low pitched roofs you may need to seal the joints.

60mm thick rigid board achieves R1.5 to R2.

90mm thick Bulk Infill achieves R2.55.

When these two products are used together as a system you can achieve up to R4.5 as a minimum.

60mm thick Rigid Panel x 1460mm long x 730mm height (1.11sqm per board)

90mm Bulk Infill – either 415mm or 575mm by 1220mm.

*Bulk Infill is available for 450mm centre studs or 600mm centre studs.

You will need 6 fixings /m2 

As an average for 1 skilled carpenter, approx 45m2 / day

Yes! As a vapour permeable material, wood fibre together with good building design allows moisture to move through the building envelope without getting trapped.

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