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Combi Corner Installation

PAVATHERM-COMBI is an optimised, render-compatible insulation that can be exposed to the weather for 60 days. It is fastened with battens or insulation anchors to timber frames and solid substrates. The lime render coating is applied using tested render systems from well-known manufacturers.

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PAVAFLEX Installation

PAVAFLEX-PLUS is a flexible woodfibre insulation material, with outstanding thermal insulation and heat storage properties, ideal for permeable construction methods. The insulation material can be processed using simple cutting tools and quickly installed.

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Passive House and WUFI

This Document provides a summary to 5 design components of Passive House and the importance of hydro thermal analysis of the building fabric or building envelope.

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Case Study

This Document presents a unique healthy home and reviews the design for its positive attributes as well as it negative design flaws.
Suggestions of how to improve the design as well as homeowner feedback for ways to improve the design.

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What is the R-value? What’s the best type of insulation?
These are common but misguided questions when considering isolation. There are many flaws in trying to standardise insulation through R-Values.

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Building Physics

An intro to key aspects of building physics. Considering the Big 3. Thermal Performance, Moisture Control & Overheating Control in relation to Passive House Fabric

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Life Panels Combi Fixing video

Combi Fixing

PAVATHERM-COMBI is an insulating board with multifunctional application options and a profiled edge design for fast install. Boards fix direct into house frame. Not required to use sarking. Boards can overhang the studs, no additional timbers required. Rendered or Clad system. Perfect for stud frames and CLT.

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