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Premium quality systems for walls, roofs and floors.

Rigid Panels

Thermal insulation wood fibre boards for walls, roofs and floors with multi-functional application options and profiled edge design.

bulk infill

Premium insulation batts for walls, roofs, and floors. This flexible insulation improves acoustics and allows vapour to easily pass through the fabric.


Low conductivity fixings that provide a low thermal break. Each m2 requires 6x fixings straight through the board and into the frame.


Known as OS’brace, OSB 3 & 4 increase the energy performance, durability, good vapour permeability and airtightness of the building envelope.


Lime-based renders made of natural raw materials and aggregates. Ensures total thermal efficiency and high vapour permeability in combination with wood fibre.


Weather Resistant Barriers

Weather resistant and airtight systems that create healthy, durable and energy efficient buildings whilst allowing any internal moisture to escape.

Airtight Accessories

Tapes & seals to go hand in hand with weather resistant membranes for a complete building fabric solution. Aiding a healthy and durable structure.


Wood fibre insulation and low conductivity fixing sample. Sample includes 1x Life Panels block sample and 1x Washer & Fixing.

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